Senior Administrator, Market Data

Job description

The main functions of Market Data are Trade File Uploads, Security Master Data Integrity, Security Pricing, and maintaining a complete and up to date Corporate Actions listing in Paxus. We act as the main support group for the Accounting & Valuations (A&V) department. Will be responsible for assisting administrators with complex funds/tasks as well as creating/updating models in Excel and other systems.

Key responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that trades and prices have been correctly processed into systems.
  • Analyse Corporate Actions and ensuring that they are correctly processed.
  • Reconciling prices and positions to Prime Brokers.
  • Liaise with Prime Brokers/Fund Accountants regarding trade/price/corporate action issues.
  • Assist teammates and offer advice/guidance to resolve their issues.
  • Check teammates work to ensure quality control.
  • Ensure that teammates meet their deadlines regarding tasks/funds.
  • Offer training to staff.
  • Set up models and templates in Excel.
  • Creating routines for new Prime Brokers and edit/maintain expressions for amendments of file formats/structure by existing Prime Brokers.
  • Testing new systems/upgrades.
  • Taking on complex funds.
  • Meet with Auditors/Clients to explain the intricacies of the department.
  • Seek new methods to improve productivity/efficiency of the department.
  • Undertake additional tasks/projects assigned by the Manager.


Skills / experience:

  • A relevant tertiary qualification
  • Good working knowledge of the Financial Securities market including language, instruments and mechanics
  • 2+ years experience in similar area
  • Advanced Excel skills