Portfolio Manager

Job description

Role summary:
Leading the Portfolio Management function within the Sanne Trust Company. Developing the business into a scalable solution for clients who
want to use the Directed Trustee model that Sanne provides in Japan.

Key responsibilities:

  • Coordinating with the appointed Investment Advisor to determine the investment transactions to be placed, including assessment of new and existing securities to achieve the desired investment return outcome;
  •  Working with the Sanne Investment Committee to review and finalise the investment transaction based on agreed investment return, risk
    management principals and investment guidelines;
  • Creating investment management reports to be sent to investors for each individual investment strategy;
  •  Meeting with Investors and other related parties periodically to review overall investment performance and discuss future investment strategy;
  • Working with Sanne Business Development and Management on new opportunities including input into the sales process and client onboarding;
  •  Creating, together with the Risk and Compliance head for the Investment Management team all required regulatory reports;
  •  Working with management to review new product and business opportunities.


Skills / experience:

  • Education up to degree level or higher;
  • Professional qualifications including CPA, CFA or similar are a plus;
  •  Proven track record in Client Portfolio Management including in the areas of private credit, mezzanine finance, etc.
  •  Ability to negotiate with current and prospective investment advisors on the terms and conditions of the investment manager process;
  •  Comfortable in both English and Japanese;
  •  Understanding key investment management principals such as return & risk modelling, liquidity requirements and the impact on investments,
    investment guideline compliance and risk management;
  •  Balance of work and life outside the office is very important.