Payment administrator

Job description

主要职责/Key responsibilities:

Processing daily payments according to instructions, in a timely and accurate manner, ensuring compliance with internal policies and procedures;根据上级指示及时准确地处理日常付款业务,确保遵循公司内部政策和流程;

Monitoring and managing account balances and cut-offs for all currencies;监督管理各外汇账户结余和截止时间;

Coordinate with internal client service teams and ensure complete of payments according to priorities and importance;与内部客户服务部门协调,确保依据优先和重要程度完成付款;

Maintain payment log and supporting documents;保管付款所需记录和原始单据及证明文件等;

Arranging approval schedule for payment to be released on time;安排付款审核准时完成;

Facilitate the smoothness of E-banking process, including investigating payment related issues;完成网银流程,包括调查与付款相关的事宜;

Perform other ad-hoc duties to support the team leader as may be necessary from time-to-time.完成部门负责人安排的其他事项。


任职要求/Skills and experience required:

Bachelor degree in Finance/Accounting or related equivalent discipline金融/会计或相关专业本科;

Good communication skills in Mandarin; Fluent in English (both written and verbal)良好的中文沟通能力,英文流畅(包括口语和书面)

1-year accounting work experience 一年左右会计工作经验;

Patient, careful and attention to details有耐心、仔细、注重细节;

Good time management skills and ability to work with tight client driven deadlines良好的时间管理能力并能在较短的期限内完成工作;

High responsibility and teamwork spirit具有高度责任心和团队精神;