Junior Developer

Job description

Role summary:

You will be a part of the Group DevOps team developing our modern applications and API platform to improve business process efficiencies; provide superior client digital services and support the scaling of our operational model. ​

As a permanent member of our DevOps team, your focus will be to help implement our API Strategy by building out our cloud based modern API platform and architecture used for enterprise-wide integrations, along with developing internal and client-facing applications and assisting in providing a centralised data and analytics platform for downstream data analytics.​

Key responsibilities: 

  • Working as part of a squad, delivering through agile methodologies;
  • Working in collaboration with customers, partners, and peers to identify requirements;
  • Helping break down large problems into smaller iterative steps;
  • Contribute to defining the prioritisation of your squad’s backlog;
  • Build out the modern API platform based on business requirements using agreed design patterns;
  • Design, prototype, develop, test, and deploy applications on business requirements using agreed design patterns;
  • Contribute to the continuous development and maturing of design patterns for others to follow;
  • Pick the most appropriate tool, method, and design pattern to satisfy the requirement;
  • Proactively improves things where they see issues;
  • Provide guidance and training to other squad members;
  • Document, support, manage and maintain the modern API platform built within your squad;
  • Comply with all Sanne policies​;
  • Provide training assistance Provide guidance and training to the applications and APIs consumers;
  • Any other duties in the scope of the role ​that the company requires.


Skills / experience:


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills​;
  • Strong problem-solving skills​;
  • Ability to plan, and manage your own work loads​;
  • Familiar with agile methodologies and experience in working in that way​.


A primary candidate will have strong technical knowledge working with:

  • Microsoft .NET and API development;
  • Modern, public Cloud based API Platforms;
  • Microservices, API and Event Driven Architecture​;
  • Certifications in relevant areas.

Primary Candidate Technologies​:

  • Microsoft ASP .NET Core;
  • Website technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript);
  • SQL and NoSQL databases;
  • Git & GitHub.

Valued Technologies ​

  • AWS:
    • API Gateway;
    • AWS RDS;
    • Cognito;
    • AWS SNS& SQS;
    • AWS Lambda Functions.
  • Terraform;
  • Modern CI/CD setups;
  • Automated testing tools;
  • Standard tools used for software development like JIRA, Jenkins, etc.;
  • Scripting (Power Shell, Python, SSIS);
  • Good understanding following test-driven development and continuous integration practices;
  • Exposure to Agile methodology for project delivery;
  • Experience in working with a team who are DevOps oriented will be value.