Fund Administrator, Japan desk

Job description

Key responsibilities:

  •  Support with Accounting, Audit and Tax filing etc. /协助会计、审计及报税等事宜;
  •  Prepare payments according to internal workflows/根据内部流程准备付款事宜;
  •  Manage and keep all supporting documents in good order/整理归档所有支持性文件;
  •  Coordinate with Tokyo Team and respond to requirements from Clients on timely basis/与东京
  •  Any other duties in the scope of the role that the company requires. /其他交待的事务.


Skills / experience required:

  • Detail-oriented, willing to learn/注重细节、愿意学习;
  • Good command of Japanese/良好的日语沟通能;
  •  Be of high responsibility and good communication skills/具备高度责任心和良好的沟通技巧;
  •  Basic knowledge in Excel/基本运用Excel的能力;
  •  CPA/ACCA participator is a plus/备考CPA或 ACCA者优先.