Assistant Manager

Job description

Role summary:
Providing day to day management support to a team of up to three people. Coordinating delivery of work to senior management and clients. 

The role involves closely working with large Real Estate Asset Managers, Auditors, and other advisors

Key responsibilities:

  • Financial analysis and forecast of companies;
  • Evaluating proposed accounting treatment and providing input to clients;
  • Calculation of amounts to be distributed from the company;
  • Working with legal firms to support the companies;
  • Reviewing of the companies financial statement;
  • Support for the purchase or sale of the property coordinating with the Asset Manager;
  • Communication with the Finance team within the Asset Management company;
  • Supporting the Investors reporting process;
  • Providing input to the appointed tax advisor for the Consumption tax structuring;
  • Manage regulatory report and file the required documents(Legal/ Tax);
  • Managing up to three accountants;
  • Providing training to the team and reviewing work before finalisation;
  • Documenting internal operational process.


Skills / experience:

  • Ability to work in fast paced business environment;
  • Background in general accounting for companies in Japan;
  • Prior management or supervising experience a plus;
  • High school level of English language ability minimum;
  • Knowledge of financial services industry an advantage but not essential;
  • Drive to improve business practices and willingness to share ideas;
  • Balance of work and life outside the office is very important.