Job description

Role summary:
Accounting for all aspects of the company structure, focusing on Real Estate. This includes day to day income / expenses, purchases and sales of the properties. 

The role involves closely working with large Real Estate Asset Managers, Auditors, and other advisors.

Key responsibilities:

  • Financial analysis and forecast of companies;
  • Evaluating proposed accounting treatment and providing input to clients;
  • Calculation of amounts to be distributed from the company;
  • Working with legal firms to support the companies;
  • Reviewing of the companies financial statement;
  • Support for the purchase or sale of the property coordinating with the Asset Manager;
  • Communication with the Finance team within the Asset Management company;
  • Supporting the Investors reporting process;
  • Providing input to the appointed tax advisor for the Consumption tax structuring;
  • Manage regulatory report and file the required documents(Legal/ Tax).


Skills / experience:

  • Ability to work in fast paced business environment;
  • Background in general accounting for companies in Japan;
  • High school level of English language ability minimum;
  • Knowledge of financial services industry an advantage but not essential;
  • Drive to improve business practices and willingness to share ideas;
  • Balance of work and life outside the office is very important.